You know you’re in VFX when…

VFX Solidarity

VFX Solidarity

By now we’re probably all up to speed on the debate surrounding the state of the VFX industry, particularly post-Oscars. For anyone who isn’t, VFX Soldier has made some thoughtful, objective posts on the topic.

I’m not at all convinced that unionisation is the answer, but it is something that affects myself and many of my colleagues and friends (see image: left. As a side note, some of your greens are a bit iffy, guys and girls ;)) I may be wrong on the unionisation issue, though I’m curious to see what a workable model would look like and am looking forward to participating in the discussions moving forward.

Meanwhile, VES has posted an open letter calling for greater subsidies for Hollywood – like others I’d say this will only exacerbate the problem and would work as a short-term, short-range solution at best.

If there were an easy solution it would have already been found, but it’s a debate I’m keen to contribute more to in the hope that all stakeholders can be running successful businesses supported by satisfied employees.

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